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Virtual Chair Demo Video

Virtual Chair Demo Video

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Self-Guided Conference Demo 

Virtual Chair invites you to explore a selection of user friendly and technologically advanced features available to be customized for the unique needs of virtual conferences. 

Self-Guided Poster Room Demo

Come check out our Poster Room Demo.  A Poster Room provides a place to showcase presentations, and allow attendees to meet presenters in a casual setting.

Virtual Gallery

Create a virtual gallery space to display your art and have people visit it 24/7 or during dedicated opening hours to explore the exhibition. Celebrate with a big opening night and link to your online shop so people can purchase your art after walking through the gallery.


A virtual classroom, without the hassle of breakout rooms! The teacher, professor, or TA can talk to the whole class, or walk between small groups, as they work collaboratively.

Looking for a custom experience? We have a team of designers who can create a space just for your!

Below are examples of some other spaces we have created:

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