Customer Experience

Virtual Networking

“Virtual Chair provided us an opportunity to network in a virtual way.”

TransAIR 2021

“The opportunity for an unforced social interaction with colleagues in the virtual setting.”

CU Boulder Ph.D. Open House Spring 2021

“It is now over and I think it went very well. The idea of posters worked and people were attending them. On average I think posters were visited not less than in a real meeting and this is already a success of its own.”

Initial Stages 2021

"We were also impressed with the accommodation of a space for our visually disabled attendee."

DES 2021
Great Support

"The participants found that the virtual venue was much better designed and worked better for facilitating interaction during the event than the self-designed environments many have experienced prior to the conference."

IPMI 2021

“Virtual Chair provided support the whole way.”

Vanguard Birthday 2021

“It was lovely to not have to worry about setting up the virtual event space, and to know that everything was going to work the way it's supposed to.”

IPSEW Spring 2020

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