Glossary of Terms & Functionality

Below is a list of terms and examples of functionality to help familiarize navigating and interacting within your Virtual Chair space.



Common Terms


The entirety of your Virtual Chair environment consisting of Rooms and other elements for interaction.


An area within your Space which may be curated with specific elements for engagement. 


The main Room within your Space where your experience will start, which will have various items to engage with as well as link to other more specifically curated rooms. 


Poster Room:

The room in which your custom poster session will be held, including the options for embedded videos and pictures. 

Plenary Room:

The room that most often plays host to pre-recorded or live talks and Q & A sessions.


An element you will find within a room that is a portal which allows you to quickly move to other rooms within your space without having to navigate your avatar manually from room to room 


The host's uploaded list of guests who have registered for the event


An opportunity for a moderator to verbally address everyone in a given Virtual Chair room


A decorative element in the Space that is not interactive, but is nice to look at.


An area in front of or surrounding an element that allows you to interact with the element by stepping onto the rug.



An interactable item in the Space such as posters, TVs, shared document tables and private conversation spaces.