A lot goes into preparing and running a virtual academic event. Virtual Chair will work with organizing committees to identify the right format, build the virtual program, build the virtual venue, and run the virtual conference.

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Virtual Venue

Virtual Chair will build the event venue on the platform, integrating program elements in a virtual space conducive to participant interaction. We work with designers to create the look and feel of the venue to meet a range of aesthetics.

Virtual Program

Virtual Chair will advise organizers to identify a compelling virtual schedule. We will help you make sure this programming takes advantage of the many opportunities afforded by the virtual format to go beyond what is possible in the physical venue.

Virtual Talks

Whether your talks will be pre-recorded or live, Virtual Chair will help you with your presentations.  

  • For pre-recorded talks, Virtual Chair offers pre-recording sessions or recorders to capture the content. We will edit speaker videos (pre-recorded with us or uploaded separately) to ensure quality of recording and professional transitions between presentations.

  • For live talks, Virtual Chair offers video editing services so you can provide high quality recordings after the event to your community.

Virtual Lounges and Coffee Breaks

Virtual Chair will create an inviting space for breaks that can accommodate a range of virtual collaboration opportunities, networking events, and social activities including games, live streaming of sporting or cultural events.

Virtual Attendants

Virtual Chair will be on-hand during the conference to help participants make the most of the virtual conference experience.