Virtual Poster Sessions

For a limited time, Virtual Chair poster sessions start at $500 for up to 30 posters and up to 50 attendees for a full day. You can book additional add-ons for larger events.


Get started below and get a reply with a detailed quote and production steps in 24 hours. We can have your poster session running within a week.

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What You Get

Easy File Collection

Get the info you need from authors without the hassle.

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Small or large, we'll bring you the venue that's right for your event.

Intuitive Virtual Space

Skip the Zoom fatigue with an engaging spatial experience.

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Draw a Crowd

Pick from our favorite icebreakers and activities to break through the barriers of going virtual.

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Event-Time Support

Rest easy knowing that our team is there to keep things running smoothly.

Avoid Pitfalls

Draw on our wealth of knowledge to maximize participation and create meaningful interactions.

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