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Our Virtual Visit Day Package offers a unique experience that allows graduate programs to showcase their strengths to potential students. Our team drew on their years of experience as graduate students, postdocs, and professors to construct a dynamic, interactive, virtual environment that enables you to have the same kind of activities as you would in person: Q&A panels, 1 on 1 meetings, research presentations, and social mixers. To get an idea of how you might organize your day, check out our Humanities and STEM sample schedules.


This package Includes:

  • 50 or 100 attendees for 8 hours

  • Three easy to navigate rooms

    • One presentation room with Zoom integration

    • One Poster Room with space for 10 posters

  • One lobby with 10 numbered tables for individual and small group meetings as well as several extra tables for socialization.

    • Two custom logos

    • 10 custom posters

    • Email registration

    • Guestbook

    • Live Virtual Attendant for up to 8 hours

Add a 2 hour happy hour that includes a Garden Party Event Space with several table top board games.

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