Sponsor Recognition 

As in real life, organizers of a virtual event may choose to recognize and reward key contributors to an event in a variety of ways.

Some classic forms of recognition (verbally thanking sponsors before a talk, displaying a logo on the event's homepage) can still be used. Other options are proposed by Virtual Chair for customization according to the desires of event organizers or by contribution level.

Sponsor booth exhibits in the Virtual Chair event space

The most popular and visible way to show off a sponsor brand is by hosting an exhibit or sponsor booth in a high-traffic area during an event. This works in much the same way as its in-person counterpart, except that instead of misplacing a flyer afterward, attendees can bookmark sponsor links on the spot!

Features offered during each event may vary; a virtual sponsor booth may include:

  • Logo displayed above the booth

  • Web display (iframeable sites recommended)

  • Flyer

  • Resume drop

  • TV for video content

  • Interview table

  • Unlimited live video chat with everyone visiting the booth

Ask your event organizer to see which features are available for your booth!

Several of these interactive features are pictured in this example, with descriptions to follow.



Website: For a web display to function within the event space, sites must be iframeable. If the sponsor's current website does not allow iframing, they could provide an enticing stand-alone webpage instead. Alternatively the non iframeable site can open in a new tab.

Flyer: Static flyers can be a single-page document of any size and will be displayed by a PDF reader. Links will cause people to leave the space if they don't open in a new tab, QR codes are a great alternative.

Resume Drop: A resume drop links to an iframeable form or a webpage which has form capabilities. This is ideal for sponsors who wish to collect contact details from people visiting their booth who may be interested in joining their team or learning more about products or services.

TV: For sponsors who have video content to display, a TV can be placed next to their booth. A maximum length of 5 minutes is recommended, since the video will play until the end even if the attendee who pressed "play" has walked away.


Each booth is surrounded by a conversation carpet, thus limiting interaction per live video chat to anyone whose avatar is on the carpet. However, some sponsors prefer to meet with visitors one-on-one. An interview table with two chairs facilitates this and allows for privacy; no other individuals who "walk" close by with their avatars will hear the discussion taking place.

Additional forms of recognition commensurate with contribution levels, such as sponsored rooms, games, or social activities, can be created in conjunction with Virtual Chair's dedicated event producers. We look forward to meeting and working with you!