Watch Parties in Virtual Chair

Watch parties are video screenings that are synced to play at your event for all attendees at the same time. These videos can be pre recorded talks, live streams or any other video.

The watch party will take place in a dedicated room. Anyone in the room at the start time of the video will see the video and can view it full screen (first photo below) or in just a small corner of the screen (second photo below). Clicking ‘x’ will open the video up to full size as well as minimize it if you want to see the whole room.


Videos will start automatically at a scheduled time and end after they have played all the way through.


We recommend that attendees mute their own microphone while listening to the watch party video to avoid audio echo for others around them.

For Q&As after pre recorded talks press 'x' or click the 'x' in the upper-right corner of the video to minimize it, then navigate your avatar to a microphone to ask a question of the speaker live.

Hovering over the video allows you to mute its sound.

Watch parties in Virtual Chair are most often used for pre recorded talks or presentations.

Before and after the screening of a talk/presentation, the podium and Q&A microphone can be used to spotlight individual session chairs, speakers and attendees for announcements and Q&A sessions.

  • Any youtube link (set to unlisted or public) as well as any .mov or .mp4 file in a 16:9 format works.


  • We recommend editing a countdown before the actual video starts. This way people will know that they are at the right place if they arrive in the room early. 

  • We offer to edit your submitted videos as well as pre-recording sessions with our AV team for your speakers to record their talks with us before the event. Ask your producer for more details.

  • Many academic events feature 10 - 20 min long talks by authors presenting their papers and plan sessions with multiple talks and Q&A (also known as Paper Talks or Contributed Talks).

  • In these cases we recommend that authors either record with our AV team or send us their self recorded talks and our team will edit them together so that a session can run smoothly and on time.

  • We will create a title slide for every talk showing the author(s) names, paper title and additional information like session title. After each talk we will edit a countdown of predetermined length for a Q&A session. We recommend that session chairs are tasked with watching the time and making sure the Q&A session comes to an end before the next title slide appears and the next talk starts automatically. Questions that did not get a chance to be asked during the Q&A, due to time constraints, could be asked in the following poster session or break.