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Create an Interactive Virtual Event

Virtual Chair helps people create engaging virtual events to connect with anyone in the world. It has never been easier to become a leader of your community, bringing people together to focus on the causes you care about most. 

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Welcome to Virtual Chair

Virtual Chair facilitates the organization of efficient and effective academic events by focusing on three priorities: interaction among participants, dissemination of materials, and broadening participation. With Virtual Chair, organizers can easily take full advantage of best practices for virtual events.


Event Category

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Virtual Chair Process

Production Phase 1


For companies looking to engage their employees working remotely or hybrid, Virtual Chair offers innovative solutions in virtual offsite and conferences that can be used on an on-going basis.

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Virtual Chair provides an all in technology solution for virtual conferences, leaving organizers free to focus on the content.  Aside from conferences, Virtual Chair’s poster or networking rooms can be incorporated into any other academic events such as Ph.D. visit days.   

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If you are interested in using spatial chat platforms for a social gathering, Virtual Chair provides fun custom maps for any occasion, with virtual assistants available during events to troubleshoot technical issues.  Virtual Chair’s team can also lead virtual scavenger hunts or other social activities for a great attendee experience.

Align Schedule & Activities

Determine Venue Size

Design Venue

Production Phase 2

Enumerate Content Type and Quantity

Collect and Organize Content

Production Phase 3

Train Presenters

Communicate to Attendees

Run Your Event!


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Optimal Scheduling

Virtual Chair enables the advanced, multi-track conference programs found in large academic conferences

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Poster Sessions

Build a virtual poster hall/rooms to show posters or other meaningful collections of conference items

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Audio-visual production

Our end-to-end video production workflow seamlessly combines pre-recorded videos with live presentations, panel sessions, and Q&A

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Content Management

Virtual Chair helps you gather and manage all the content at your conferences, including papers, abstracts, videos and links

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Networking Area

Virtual Chair provides relaxing areas with gamification conducive to virtual interaction

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Event-specific landing page

Welcome attendees to your conference with an instructional webpage

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Sponsor booths

Create custom video booths for sponsors and exhibitions at your conference

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Expert Support

Our experienced team of producers, graphic designers, AV techs, and help desk attendants is ready to make your conference a success.

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Do you have questions for us?

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Your satisfaction is our primary concern.

Do you have questions for us?

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Do you want to work with us?

We’re looking for talented, hardworking people who are committed to their craft. We want to hear from you! 

Sample Custom Designs

Here are some design samples we’ve created for our customers:

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Trusted by Thousands



Lenovo has an on-going engagement with Virtual Chair to provide networking for its remote workers


February 2021

AAAI used Virtual Chair to collect and program close to 2000 posters and talks as well a job fair with dozens of participating sponsors


April 2021

Danish Epidemiological Society took advantage of Virtual Chair’s platform flexibility to provide outstanding accessibility support for its attendees


May 2021

Marketplace Innovation Workshop (MIW) ran 36 parallel session talks, 4 plenary livestreams and 8 poster sessions using Virtual Chair


May 2021

IEEE S&P integrated Virtual Chair specifically for the interactive nature of Virtual chair’s poster sessions and sponsor booths for its 1000+ attendees


January 2021

The International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) hosted its entire multi-track conference with custom design lobby, poster, demo and breakout rooms during a period of one week using Virtual Chair

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Customer Experience

Virtual Networking

Great Support

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Be part of an online event that's unlike any other!

Send us a message

If you have issues, feedback, or suggestions, just fill out the form and connect with us!

Upcoming Events

Checkout our upcoming events


Four day global event to promote the protection and conservation of sea turtles 


Annual conference of psychology practitioners, educators, researchers and students from around the world

Virtual Chair is a solution designed to support organizations that provide an easy interface to create fully-interactive virtual academic conferences, events, seminars, and meetings. 


These events are organized through the collaborative effort of academic institutions, associations, and professional organizations around focused themes.

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