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Base Pricing Tiers

All tiers include the following services:

  • Virtual venue built by Virtual Chair

  • Server space and fees

  • Live virtual attendant booking

Events with audiences larger than 500, or that offer free or discounted registration should contact us directly. 

Large multi-track, multi-day events


Single Day Event         Multi-day Event


/per registrant


/per registrant

Virtual attendant for entire event

Venue opens 7 days prior to event

Multiple trainings and guides

Additional venue customization

Full event guidance

Great for your first event


Single Day Event         Multi-day Event


/per registrant


/per registrant

Virtual attendant part of event

Venue opens 5 days prior to event

Single training session for organizers

Regular email guidance

One track events familiar with Gather


Single Day Event         Multi-day Event


/per registrant


/per registrant

Virtual attendant for start of event

Venue opens 3 days prior to event

Access to repository of guides

Not in Academia? We can still help - Contact Us.

Add-on packages for all tiers

Give your event that extra special touch

Speaker & paper package

  • Synchronous configuration of a pre-recorded video (great for paper talks with Q&A)

  • Poster for unstructured Q&A time after talks.

Posters & videos package

  • Small
    (up to 30 posters/videos)

  • Medium
    (up to 60 posters/videos)

  • Large
    (up to 120 posters/videos)

Reception package

  • Games

  • Guestbook

  • Up to 10 pieces of content

  • Decoration

  • What if attendees have questions during the event?
    Virtual Chair is happy to help! You will have live virtual attendants during your event that your attendees can interact with. You will also have live email support that is monitored by the help attendants.
  • How do myself and my attendees access my event?
    All virtual events produced by Virtual Chair are accessible by each event's "Landing Page" The landing page is where everyone can access the link to the virtual venue. Think of it as a doorway to your event!
  • What service does Virtual Chair provide that Gather does not?
    Virtual Chair uses it's own room templates designed especially for academic events. We also provide an experienced event producer to work with you and your organizing team, plus knowledgeable help attendants during your event. We make producing your event easier and quicker than doing it on your own through Gather.
  • Can I book extra trainings for my organizing team and session chairs?
    Absolutely. Virtual Chair is committed to making your event the smoothest and best it can be. Contact your producer to set up additional trainings.
  • Can I use my zoom account with my virtual venue?
    Yes! We are able to integrate your own zoom account into your virtual venue. If you don't have a zoom link but would like to link zoom, for an additional fee you can use one of our licensed zoom accounts.
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