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Organizer Seminar Series

Meet other organizers. Create better events and communities.

Coming Up Next:
Future session topics and dates are still being confirmed, check back for updates or submit requests to:

Download materials from select past sessions below:

OSS #10 - January 31, 2023 [click to download the video - click to download the slides]

Presentation and discussion with Shaomei Wu, founder of Almpower

What is an OSS?

  • Each session is centered around a topic related to creating better events and communities

  • We begin with an introduction to the topic or presentation for the full group.

  • After the topic has been presented, we will have a workshopping period for breakout groups to identify the most pressing problems organizers face.

  • Organizers will then have the chance to share ideas and get feedback from peers about current issues or success stories.

Contact us if you have any questions! 

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