How Posters Work in Virtual Chair

File Format

  • All posters must be uploaded as PDF files

  • Posters may not exceed 1 page/side

  • Vertically oriented posters require some scrolling, horizontally oriented posters do not (16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio).

  • It is possible to zoom in and out to read smaller text.

  • Do not include any URLs or hyperlinks

Poster Objects

Posters are interactive objects in the Virtual Chair space. At a distance, you can see a small preview pdf of what the poster contains. When standing next to it on a rug, the poster can be opened up to see a full size PDF file.

The poster is placed on a rug. When moving onto the rug with your avatar, you will already see a small preview of the poster on the bottom of the screen. Clicking ‘x’ will open this poster up to full size as well as minimizing it when you are done looking at it.




The rug around the poster also offers a private conversation space. You can see and talk to anyone who is also on the rug. This allows authors for example to answer questions about their poster to people coming by to read it

Watch this short clip to see how posters work:











Poster Session:



During a poster session we will display several posters in one room.

Use CTRL (or command on mac) and ‘+/-’ to zoom in and out of a venue and get a better overview over a poster room.


Directories can be found at several spots in the room and show a list of all posters and their numbers so people know where to find them.