Virtual Chair and Zoom

At Virtual Chair we recommend using Zoom for long live talks, especially if you are planning on recording them. We can easily integrate Zoom into your Virtual Chair event space on the Gather platform.

Zoom offers many advanced options for talks, meetings and workshops like screen share, recording of sessions, break out rooms, muting all participants and more.

When integrating a Zoom session into a Virtual Chair space, participants will be able to enter a room designated to bring them directly into the Zoom meeting/webinar. Upon entering the appropriate room in your virtual venue, the participant can simply type ‘x’ on their keyboard, which will open up the linked Zoom meeting/webinar.

Once the Zoom talk is over, attendees will exit Zoom by leaving the meeting/webinar and returning to the browser tab which is open to the virtual venue.


By connecting your Zoom sessions to your virtual chair space your attendees don’t need to keep track of Zoom meeting/webinar links, passwords and other information. All they need to do is walk into the right room at the right time to automatically join the session - we can show attendees via the calendar function in the virtual venue which session is starting when and where.


Ask your producer for technical services offered by our AV team or see detailed information on how to configure your own Zoom session further below on this page.


The following video pictures give you insight into what the attendee will experience.

+ Creating a Zoom connection for our Virtual Chair Event

If you book our AV team to record your live talks for later use, we offer to set up these Zoom meetings and webinars from our Virtual Chair account. This service comes with an additional charge for the Zoom setup and recording+editing. In this case, a Virtual Chair staff member will host the meeting/webinar.

If you have no need for our AV team to record your sessions, we recommend you set up your own Zoom meeting or webinar and provide us with the link. In that case, you will be the host of the meeting and have full control over the sessions on Zoom.

Follow below instructions to set up your own Zoom sessions:


- Decide if you would like to use a Zoom webinar or Zoom meeting for your event.
  This article from gives a great overview over the differences of meetings and webinars.


- Make sure your Zoom account is capable of facilitating the session you are planning. (For example: a free Zoom account has time limits on meetings, if you purchase a webinar plan, make sure it is for the amount or participants you are expecting. If you plan on hosting parallel webinars, you will have to purchase multiple accounts).

- Create your sessions and send us the links. The following steps will ensure it’s compatible with our platform:


  1. Log into Zoom 

  2. Select Meeting or Webinar from the side bar

  3. 1 If you selected Meeting
    a) Click on “Schedule a Meeting”
    b) Topic is the Event/Session/Workshop Title
    c) Select “No Set Time” 
    d) Select recurring
    e) Select Passcode
    f) Deselect Waiting Room
    d) Select “allow join before host” 

Send us the URL of your meeting(s) that have the password included. These URLs should be a bit longer than usual and include ‘pwd’ in them.

  3. 2 If you selected Webinar
     a) Click on “Schedule a Webinar”
b) Follow steps c through e above
c) In Webinar options, select Q&A, if applicable 
d) (in very rare cases) Select “Enable Language Interpretation” if specified when booking the webinar​. ​It will ask you to provide an interpreter email and the language(s) to be interpreted.

Keep in mind that the invitation link to a webinar will automatically make everyone entering the meeting an attendee. You will need to manually promote/spotlight individually to speakers or panelists.