Virtual Chair and Zoom

At Virtual Chair we recommend using Zoom for long live talks, especially if you are planning on recording them. We can easily integrate Zoom into your Virtual Chair event space on the gather platform.

Zoom offers many advanced options for talks, meetings and workshops like screen share, recording of sessions, break out rooms, muting all participants and more.

When integrating a Zoom session into a Virtual Chair space, participants will be able to enter a room designated to bring them directly into the Zoom meeting/webinar. All they need to do is to press ‘x’ after entering the room on gather which will open up Zoom directly for them and bring them into the correct Zoom meeting right away.

Once the Zoom talk is over, attendees will exit Zoom by leaving the meeting/webinar and re-enter the Virtual Curtain room.


By connecting your Zoom sessions to your virtual chair space your attendees don’t need to keep track of Zoom meeting/webinar links, passwords and other information. All they need to do is walk into the right room at the right time to automatically join the session - we can show attendees via the calendar function in the virtual venue which session is starting when and where.


Ask your producer for technical services offered by our AV team.

See detailed information on how to configure your own Zoom session into our space further below on this page.


The following video pictures give you insight into what the attendee will experience.

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