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Join the Academic Metaverse

Virtual Chair has a number of open calls for participation in the academic metaverse, powered by Gather Town. Make your virtual meetings more impactful by conducting them in the academic metaverse.

CFP: Beta-test the Academic Metaverse

The academic metaverse persistent virtual conferencing platform where you and your closest collaborators can meet regularly. Each of you has your own personalized desk, a set of meeting rooms, and a social space. Moreover, you can leave your office and easily connect with others in this virtual space who also have their own virtual offices nearby. You can use this space for holding meetings, for informal coffee breaks, for recruiting others to join your team, for guest lectures, or for anything else that will help you connect with those closest to you and conduct research to advance the state of the art in your field. And of course, you can step outside your office and navigate to virtual seminars, virtual institutes, and virtual conferences. Read more.

CFP: Collaboration Space

Virtual Chair has opened a collaboration space in its academic metaverse. For researchers working on papers with several groups of coauthors for an upcoming conference deadline, being able to easily hop into short meetings to keep the paper writing synchronized can make for more productive work as the deadline nears. Read more.

CFP: Weekly Virtual Seminars

Virtual seminars have been widely impactful. This program aims to increase their impact by providing further opportunities for networking and informal discussion surrounding the technical content of the seminar. This increased interaction can result in establishing new collaborations and research directions as well as providing more cohesion for the geographically dispersed research community. Read more.

CFP: Semester Virtual Institutes

These virtual institutes will gather together geographically-dispersed researchers to collaborate on a focused research topic. The institute itself consists of weekly sessions (recommended half-day duration), aligned with semester schedules and timed to be convenient in the time-zones of committed long-term participants. All participants are expected to be present in the venue during sessions and actively engage in structured activities. Participants should also be present for unstructured activities during the hours of the institute. Read more.


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